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Custom Art Print

Custom Art Print

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Ever wanted a print that is custom designed to fit your personality, things you love and colour scheme? Well look no further... but do look at the examples we've created so you can get a feel for the type of design we can do.

The process:

  1. Choose from the options, if you would like a digital file (can be scaled to print at any size) or if you would like it printed and sent to you. 
  2. Choose 3 colours.
  3. 5-10 ideas for images/things you love/graphics/photos you'd like represented in the design.
  4. Send these and your colour options through to once you have purchased this product.
  5. We'll get to work on the design and provide you 2 options with variations in colour.
  6. You'll let us know if you have any changes - we'll make these and send the revised design.
    If you're happy with it, yippee we got it right :D
  7. When it's signed off we'll either send you a digital copy of the print so you can print it as big or as small as you like or if you opted for the printed version, we'll get it ready and sent out to you asap. Shipping is included in the print price.

Some ideas for images to include are:

  • pets
  • animals
  • plants 
  • astrology related
  • food
  • body parts
  • objects
  • items of clothing
  • people
  • hobbies
  • etc
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